Exercise once a week, no sweat required. 

Everyone can improve their writing; all it takes is a little exercise—ideally every day. I maintained a 15-minutes-a-day writing streak for 953 days and the day after it ended, I started a new one. It's true: my writing got better, more fluid, more FUN.

So here's the deal. I'm not going to inundate your in-box with emails every day. But I will send you ONE nice, meaty writing prompt every week. Work on it for a day, a week, a month—who knows? 

You'll get a new prompt every week for 13 weeks. Or if you're feeling super-committed, sign up for 26 weeks and save a couple bucks to buy yourself some new pencils. 

Join us! Elaine Bennett (more about me below)  

Write Now Writing Prompts 13 weeks for $26 OR 26 weeks for $50  

13 weeks! I'm in!

About Elaine

It's not really about me; it's about you—your voice, your creativity. Which, let's face it, probably don't get dressed up and shown a good time nearly as often as they should.  

The thing about writing every day is it really does improve your writing. And I say that as a writer who'd already won an award before I started my streak. I also have a few fans in high places. One client I worked with said:  

"You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking into straight writing." — Warren Buffett 

(Yes, that Warren Buffett.)

I've written FOR a number of business luminaries. And I've helped dozens of entrepreneurs and rising business leaders learn how to write for themselves. To write so their ideas get remembered. To write so their voices get heard. To break rules like "you should never start a sentence with a preposition." But I digress.

Commit to yourself. Whether you're writing to further your career or just because you've had a passion to tell a story your whole life, shake off the cobwebs and start writing. Write Now.