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Story Safari™ Summer Camp

Camp opens in:


Here's how it works:


A 6-week-long scavenger hunt!

Each week, I'll send you a list of stories to be on the lookout for. Prizes for the two people who find the most stories during the 6 weeks of camp!


Stories—and more stories!

Each week you'll get access to several short videos (about 15 minutes each) and readings. As you see how other writers use the Story Safari™ technique, you'll get even better at spotting stories yourself.


Virtual campfire!

Every other week, we'll gather 'round the virtual campfire (a.k.a. Zoom) to share the stories you've found and answer your questions.

I think in metaphors now!

Professional Services Executive, one of Elaine's clients

Story Safari™ gives you stories only you can tell.

Bonus! Register by June 17th to get 4 free weeks of The Weekly What, my "critical reading for grownups" program. 4 weeks of writing prompts and inspirational quotations plus every other week, you get an analysis I've written of a great piece of writing. Go behind the scenes to look at the techniques the writer has chosen. And join our group call to discuss your ideas. 

Ready for more fun and creativity? Ready to be a better writer?