Do people remember your ideas?

Set them in a story only you can tell.

You have so much to contribute. But do you ever feel like you just can't articulate your ideas clearly and confidently? Maybe you wonder if your ideas are worth sharing at all. No need to feel ashamed. It's just part of the creative process.

Award-winning writer Elaine Bennett can help you find new ways to express your ideas and make them unmistakably your own—whether you're writing a book or a blog, a business presentation, a newsletter, or a speech. People will listen. They'll look forward to hearing from you. And you'll find new confidence and power.

Join Elaine Bennett on Saturday March 17th when we'll be running through the Anchor program in one day. Work through the 5 short videos and 10-minute writing assignments at your own pace. Then connect with each other in a private writers' group at 5pm Eastern to share your discoveries. 

Complete the challenge and win a 20-minute private consultation with Elaine.

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